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The need for energy is Universal. That’s why Morol Refinery scientists and engineers are pioneering new research and pursuing new technologies by creating most efficient both renewable and fossil products (Oils and Chemicals). We are committed to create a healthier planet for our children.

our Values

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As we work to produce the purest material the world needs, we are
defined by our shared values. We start with commitment that doing
the right thing is non-negotiable. Safe, social responsibility and ethical behaviors enable our license to operate.

MOROL symbolizes team effort where by every member is
contributing to the fullest to achieve a common goal of growth through satisfaction.






We are the industry leaders and produce the most reliable and practical solution

MOROL White oils

It is a highly purified mixture of Liquid Saturated Hydrocarbons, obtained from Petroleum & are highly paraffin in nature. White mineral oil is Transparent, Colorless, Tasteless & Odorless when cold. White mineral oil highly refined hydro treated oil have excellent thermal & chemical stability having high flash points

MOROL Liquid Paraffin IP

Our unique catalyst system highly selective oligomerization reactions provides you with an output that, after saturation and fractionation, gives your final products excellent low and high temperature properties. This product has an ultra-high viscosity index with simultaneous outstanding low-temperature properties, is sulphur free and has superior stability.

MOROL Transformer Insulating oil

Morol TRANSFORMER OIL I is inhibited type transformer oil meeting IS:12463. Inhibited transformer oils can extend the service life of transformer oil. It also meets IS:335-2018 TYPE II INHIBITED

MOROL Industrial speciality lubricants

Our range of Industrial products has been specifically formulated to meet the tough demands of a modern manufacturing facility, reducing wear and increasing operating facility within critical machinery, process and components. These include hydraulic systems, compressors, industrial gearboxes and bearings.

MOROL Castor oil

Natural castor oil derived from Ricinus communis seeds is a multi-purpose oil that has been widely used for stand-alone applications as well as a vital ingredient for other formulations. As one of the reputed castor oil companies, we select the best raw materials to formulate castor oil derivatives. Paying close attention to the quality of castor products being produced at every junction of the manufacturing chain, we aim to facilitate diverse industries at different corners of the world. With our research capabilities we are emerging as the leading castor oil manufacturer in India.


De-oiled Castor meal is the most important natural manure due to its high nitrogen content. Castor meals are primarily used in producing organic fertilizers.


Data-driven decision making and predictive capabilities will be essential across the life cycle of our unconventional assets – from delineation and appraisal through full field development. Morol Refinery CEO Peeyush Poddar shares his thoughts on how we can creatively leverage the large data sets we have in our companies to solve new – or old – challenges.