As one of India’s leading manufacturers of industrial lubricants we have been delivering lubricant innovation for over 50 years. We’re constantly striving to develop the next generation of products that not only meet, but far exceed our clients’ expectations. Out highly-skilled, expert team works in close collaboration with the world’s major industrial machinery and component to ensure the manufacturer approved range of products continues to meet the very latest and most stringent of global standards.

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Our range of industrial products has been specifically formulated to meet the tough demands of a modern manufacturing facility, reducing wear and increasing operating efficiency within critical machinery, processes and components. These include hydraulic systems, compressors, industrial gearboxes and bearings.


Hydraulic Oils

A range of premium hydraulic oils designed for demanding industrial applications. Designed to be subjected to extreme operating conditions and temperatures, available in a variety of viscosity grades. Our latest products contain anti-foam additives to facilitate rapid release of air and reduce sponginess in system operation.


Mould Release Oils

A range of mould release oils formulated to cover various mould types and methods. Providing a high-quality finish and can be used in a variety of production techniques of fired clay, brick and concrete products.


Cutting Oil

A carefully blended range of high performance maintenance aerosol products, including solvent cleaners, degreasers and chain lubricants. The ideal addition to any maintenance workshop.


Our world-renowned Research and Development department is constantly innovating to develop the next generation of world-class products for the industrial machinery and manufacturing processes of the future as well as today. Our commitment to customer care is further demonstrated by our value-added services and infrastructure, developed through continuous collaboration with industrial machinery OEMs, maintenance departments and industrial distributors.

Industrial Gear Oils

A range of enduring high-performance oils designed for industrial gear systems. Designed to provide a protective lubricating film for a wide range of operating temperatures. Applications include, reduction gearboxes, direct drives and angle drives etc.

Compressor Oils

A range of high-quality compressor oils designed and optimised for use in all compressor types, including hydrovane, rotary screw, reciprocating and lobe technologies. Incorporating the latest additive technologies to reduce wear and increase the life of the compressor

Machine Oils

A range of performance machine oils particularly recommended for industrial use in enclosed and circulating systems, oil baths, automatic lubricators, wick oilers, spray, splash and mist lubricators and all oil-lubricated bearings, machine tools headstocks, enclosed gearboxes and vacuum pumps.

Heat Transfer Oils

A range of heat transfer oils formulated using high quality mineral oils and incorporate powerful oxidation inhibitors to ensure the necessary thermal stability for high working temperatures over long periods.

Corrosion Preventatives

A highly formulated range of corrosion preventatives for a variety of protection lengths and film types. Effective protection can range from 1 month to 3 years, even when exposed to outdoor environmental conditions.

Spindal Oil

These oils are recommended for lubrication of textile and machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, centrifugal separators, positive displacement blowers and hydraulic systems of certain high precision machine tools.

Rubber Process Oils

Process oils are special oils which are used in a wide variety of chemical and technical industries either as raw material component or a aid to processing.

Textile Machine Oils

A range of textile machinery oils are developed for the lubrication of machinery of textile and fibres manufacture industry. The main properties requested for textile oils are: colourless, anti-strain property to prevent deterioration of fibres and tissues in case of accidental contact and washability to allow its removal from the textile manufacture.


A range of premium quality multipurpose greases designed to lubricate and provide maximum protection for critical parts and components across a variety of industrial applications. The range is suitable for a variety of bearing and gear applications, operating under a range temperatures and environmental conditions. The range also includes products that are compliant with food production

Thermic fluid Oil

Morol Thermic Fluid Oil is based on carefully selected highly refined mineral oils and resists oil cracking, oxidation and thickening. This provides extended oil life, provided efficient fluid heating and good pump circulation is ensured, such that film temperatures on the heater surface do not exceed the limits below.

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