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We build a range of high-quality products designed to perform specific applications. At Morol, we offer a rare combination: cutting-edge technology, a top-quality product and the personal service of a small, family-owned business.

In large and small ways, we strive to be the standard excellence for our industry. And we’re here to help you do the same for yours.


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It is a highly purified mixture of Liquid Saturated Hydrocarbons, obtained from Petroleum & are highly paraffin in nature. White mineral oil is Transparent, Colorless, Tasteless & Odorless when cold. White mineral oil highly refined hydro treated oil have excellent thermal & chemical stability having high flash points.


Our range of Industrial products has been specifically formulated to meet the tough demands of a modern manufacturing facility, reducing wear and increasing operating facility within critical machinery, process and components. These include hydraulic systems, compressors, industrial gearboxes and bearings.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a pale viscous fatty oil from castor beans used especially as a cathartic and as a lubricant and plasticizer. We have a range of castor oils like: Coldpressed castor oil, Deodorized castor oil, Blown castor oil, Refined castor oil etc.


Our unique catalyst system highly selective oligomerization reactions provides you with an output that, after saturation and fractionation, gives your final products excellent low and high temperature properties. This product has an ultra-high viscosity index with simultaneous outstanding low-temperature properties, is sulphur free and has superior stability.

Transformer Insulating Oil

In an increasingly competitive climate, keeping your fleet on the road and being efficient as possible is an important business priority. Morol’s comprehensive range of commercial lubricants are designed to keep your heavy goods vehicles on the road whilst ensuring low operating costs for your business.


De-oiled Castor meal is the most important natural manure due to its high nitrogen content. Castor meals are primarily used in producing organic fertilizers.

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