It is a highly purified mixture of Liquid Saturated Hydrocarbons, obtained from Petroleum & are highly paraffin in nature. White mineral oil is Transparent, Colorless, Tasteless & Odorless when cold. White mineral oil highly refined hydro treated oil have excellent thermal & chemical stability having high flash points. It is used in the manufacture of Textile Auxiliaries, Plant Spray Oil, Agrochemicals, Aerosols, Dye Intermediates, Paper Industry, Inks, Perfumery, Specialty Lubricants, Plastics – used as Lubricant Plasticizer, Specialty Chemicals, Incenses, etc

Technol grades
  • Estilo 8
  • Estilo 10
  • Estilo 15
  • Estilo 20
  • Estilo 30
  • Estilo 40
  • Estilo 60
  • Estilo 70
  • Estilo 80

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