Commercial lubricants are used in transport vehicles. Our commercial lubricants are reliable, durable and enable a longer lifespan of machinery and equipment. They help reduce operational costs, avoid unplanned maintenance and preserve in-service engine time. We have a vast range of quality lubricants and oils on hand that are available for when you need them most.

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Our range of industrial products has been specifically formulated to meet the tough demands of a modern manufacturing facility, reducing wear and increasing operating efficiency within critical machinery, processes and components. These include hydraulic systems, compressors, industrial gearboxes and bearings.


Our world-renowned Research and Development department is constantly innovating to develop the next generation of world-class products for the industrial machinery and manufacturing processes of the future as well as today. Our commitment to customer care is further demonstrated by our value-added services and infrastructure, developed through continuous collaboration with industrial machinery OEMs, maintenance departments and industrial distributors.

Hydraulic Oils

A range of premium hydraulic oils designed for commercial vehicle hydraulic system applications. Designed to be subjected to extreme operating conditions and temperatures, available in a variety of viscosity grades. Our latest products contain effective anti-foam additives to facilitate the rapid release of air and reduce sponginess in system operation.

Brake Fluids

High performance fluids that provide effective brake feel and operation under a wide variety of driving conditions. Manufactured to exceed vehicle manufacturers standards and suitable for use at high temperatures.

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Classic is an innovative range of superior quality approved heavy duty diesel engine oil. Suitable for previous and current generation diesel engines, including those utilise after treatment devices. The range provides maximum rationalisation potential in mixed fleets where a number of manufacturers, models and engine technologies are being used. Ideal for operators of trucks, buses, coaches, off-highway, power generation and agricultural equipment.


A range of high-performance greases suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications, including wheel bearings, CV joint hydraulics and mechanical components.

Gear and Transmission Oils

Fuel economy and shift comfort have put increasing demands on transmissions, driving the development of a range of products with optimised friction and wear control features.


Formulated specifically to provide protection all yer round, the products not only ensure effective cold start, but the balanced blend of rust and corrosion additives contribute to cooling system integrity.

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